Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fluffing in the Breakfast Room

I decided it was time to change the centerpiece on the farmhouse table in 
my breakfast room.  After many days of dark and dreary weather, the sun
is out and it's time for a happy change.

The French doors are open onto the back porch.  No mosquitos yet, so I 
can safely leave the door open for Bentley to run in and out.  Of course
a lizard or two may run in, but I have learned how to safely shoo them 
back outside.  

I put my French grain sack runner back on the table and added some 
sunflowers and chicks.  I switched the pillows around on the bench too.

The weather is beautiful here today.  Hope all of you in the midwest
and east get some sunshine and warmer temps too.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Looks so springy! We are having a warm day but all it is doing is melting snow and ice. It's everywhere. If we could just have a few days of nice weather but instead it freezes every night making it a nightmare the next day. I am so ready for warm weather.


  2. I love your runner, Susan. Can't wait until I can throw open the doors and windows. xo Laura

  3. So cheery! I like everything about this room. Thanks for the burst of sunshine this morning, I needed it.

  4. Looks so Springy! Love it! I had my door open but its a bit too chilly here.

  5. So pretty. nice to have a change.

  6. Very cute. I love the chandy and the Seth Thomas clock. My MIL had a clock collection and we picked the name Seth for my son because we looked at that clock at every meal we ate there. Good memories.

  7. Really pretty! I wish I had room to use my table -- I think it is just like yours. You really have it looking so inviting.

  8. So charming! Love your decor! Mine is very similar! Like the pillows on your bench! Cute!

  9. Such a pretty space! Doesn't it feel good to have the door open? We went to the Dallas Arboretum yesterday and spring is on the way. :)

  10. Looks lovely! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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