Monday, February 16, 2015

Thrifty Details Big Impact

There are lots of ways of adding big impact to a decorating scheme 
without breaking the bank.  In my studio there is a little chest that 
I wanted to add a little something extra to.  Something that would 
provide a pop, but not something that would be pricey.  Having worked
in the trade I can tell you that the mark-up on decorative accessories is
enormous.  What to do?  Raid your house.  I took a card that was a gift
from the Alzheimer's Association for a donation and then found a shabby
chic frame to showcase it.  The frame was on sale and the card was as
of yet unused right here at home.  The result ~ a pretty little accessory for
very little cash.

Once again in my studio, I have dotted Swiss curtain panels at the windows.
The windows are in the front of the house and are finished with plantation
shutters for privacy.  Because my studio is a feminine and creative spot for me,
I wanted to soften the look and these curtain panels from a consignment shop
did the job.  Not wanting the panels to block out the light, I tied them back with
wide rick rack and finished off the look with buttons.  It reflects the sewing/craft
room look.

A vintage wicker storage trunk is a great spot for storing fabric.  It also
makes a cute little window seat when covered with a hand made quilt
folded up and used as a cushion.  Surrounded by pillow finds it is also
a favorite spot for Bentley stand and peek out the window while I am
blogging or working on a craft project.  It's one of his favorite roosts for
cat watching :-)

Adding button closures to a pillow is another thrifty way to add pop.
Another tip ~ vary textures.  The knobby texture of the chenille, the 
woven wicker and the smooth cotton add interest to the vignette.

And finally, adding craft paper scraps or painting the backs of bookcase shelves
adds interest and when coordinated with the colors in the room makes it all pop!

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and
that y'all are looking ahead to a fun filled and creative week.

It's a rainy, blustery day here and Bentley and I are staying cozy
at home.  Life is good.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Been in a bit of a crafting slump. I am working on another wooden beverage tray. I've cut the pieces & glued the bottom together. I hope I can shake this blah feeling soon. It is definitely stalling my creativity. I work at JoAnn's tomorrow, maybe that will perk me up. Love your pillows Susan. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just love your swiss dot curtains in your craft room. The wicker chest is just what I am looking for when we get our new home. Love all of the pinks. Have a wonderful day and stay warm and cozy with Bentley xo

  3. What a pretty, serene and inspirational corner. Love those curtains and all of your pink.


  4. This is my kind of post! I have the same platter you have in your photo, and I often frame cards to use as an accessory. Love the texture of the storage trunk. Beautiful colors, and your room is just lovely!

  5. I described our day as the same. Don't want to get out to walk. '-)
    Enjoy your day in your pretty room!

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  7. Loved all your tips Susan and I always enjoy visiting Ash Tree Cottage. Everything is always so pretty. We live east of Houston, very close to Sylvan Bay and we've also got windy, cold and wet weather. We're staying in and staying warm also.

  8. There was NOT one single thing that you showed that I didn't just love. All of it is just adorable. that tiny stripped wallpaper backing in the cabinet..those pillows, all of it. Your taste is adorable, cozy and what so many want to accomplish! Lovely!

  9. I loved every bit of it! Gorgeous! Staying warm inside today as ice is raining on my windows! Love all your pinks!

  10. I loved every bit of it! Gorgeous! Staying warm inside today as ice is raining on my windows! Love all your pinks!

  11. I had forgotten all about dotted swiss. So perfect and softness at the same time. Love all your patterned materials and that picture and frame were so cute. I'm on the look out now for something along that idea.

  12. Just remembered I have two very pretty oval off white frames that I got for a steal when I worked at Hallmark. Now thanks to you Susan, I'm inspired to find just the right pictures to put in them. Thanks again for sharing all your pretty vignettes & great decorating ideas. You're a peach!

  13. Everything looks darling, but I have to say that those curtains actually made me gasp! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  14. Love your curtains and all the pink, flowery, and soft fabrics...such a sweet space!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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