Monday, February 23, 2015

Let's Talk Granny Chic

It's cold outside today!  Over the weekend it was so warm that we had
the air-conditioning on.  Then last evening the winds kicked up and 
we had a touch of the arctic.  Gone are the flip flops and back on are
the cozy socks and slippers.  

It's dark, gray and windy outside.  I am so thankful I don't have to be
anywhere today.  So here is the plan ….

Chicken cacciatore slowly cooking away.  All the daily chores
are complete.  Now is the time for some serious nesting in our
bedroom.  Under a quilt ( I am the quilt lady), resting on a stack of
fluffy pillows and …

watch some TV ~ there's Chip and Joanna.  I TiVo'd a few episodes of
Flipper Upper.  Next I plan on watching an old movie.   I won't
really be napping because I am not very good at it.  I flunked nap time
in nursery school and still can't do it.  However, resting is supposed
to be beneficial too … right?  Bentley however is a master napper.

About that ceiling fan ….  I know that some of you will say that the room
would look so much better without it.  Well to that I say …. try surviving in
south Texas without one.  In about a month the air conditioning will come
on and won't go off again until next November.  A ceiling fan is crucial if
one wants to get a quality night's rest, despite the air conditioning cranked
up to max.  Trust me, at 3:00 AM I am much more concerned with function
than with form.

Now you may also have noticed that the style of our bedroom is very 
granny chic.  Well, you are correct.  With the exception of our bed which 
was handmade by some Amish folks in Pennsylvania, everything is vintage.

I love it that way and I planned it that way.  Our room reminds me of the
bedrooms in the old movies that starred Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant,
Myra Loy and Greer Garson.  Any of life's problems could be easily 
solved in one of those classic rooms.  Well, at least that's what I 
think.  In fact ….

see what I mean?  In black and white this room could be in a 
Connecticut farmhouse.  "Very homespun, very blueberry pie" to quote
a line from Myrna Loy in Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House.

Now if I could just figure out a way where I could flip a switch and
the whole room would be instantly converted to black and white
nostalgia ;-)  Maybe Brenda  would know.  She is very skilled
at tweaking.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, I LOVE that bedroom!! It's perfect, I wouldn't change a thing, not even the fan! It is so spacious, wow!
    Sounds like you had quite a cozy carefree day, lucky! :)
    Take care,

  2. So gorgeous! Love the green walls and all the fabrics.

  3. I know all to well what you mean about that fan. My mom has one in the room I stay in at her house in Phoenix and I'm thrilled it's there during the summer.

    Your room really does look like it belongs in one of those old movies. Well done :)

  4. Hehe granny chic! That so describes my decor style! And I'm only 23 (;
    Thanks for sharing this! Visiting from and would love a visit back (:

  5. Love it all! We have the ceiling fans throughout our home. I love the 'grannychic' fabrics you have and of course the green walls!

  6. Love that bedroom! Especially that lacy/crocheted top on your canopy. Absolutely gorgeous! People who gripe about the ceiling fans don't live where we do. I couldn't survive without one in each room.


  7. Your room is gorgeous! I adore every single thing about it, especially the colors. When my brother was little he thought that my mom grew up in black and white, because all of her photographs and the old movies she showed us were in black and white! So funny...

  8. Personally, I love this look! Just so comforting! Love your quilt, and the rosy shams. Beautiful!

  9. What a gorgeous room :)

    Now, are you sure that you are cold? It's going to -11 here in Western PA tonight before the wind chill. Ugh! :)

  10. Hey, I'm not that good a tweaker! Air conditioning??? You're kidding. We just got more snow upon last week's snow.

  11. Susan, that room is totally to die for. It is just as I picture you. Just lovely! How could that room be tweaked? I don't think so! Ceiling fans? Duhhhhh! I even have a small fan on my night stand. And that sucker stays pointed right toward me...hahahaha I do like nice light fixtures.. but here in the south we southern ladies gotta stay cool.

  12. I think your bedroom is beautiful - and I love Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House. It is often in the back of my mind when I arrange things.

  13. Thanks so much for visiting Slice of Pie ... because it made me look for you! I love your blog ... and your style! I'll be back again!

  14. Thanks so much for visiting Slice of Pie ... because it made me look for you! I love your blog ... and your style! I'll be back again!

  15. Lovely...may I ask where I can get the lace canopy to go over the canopy bed?

  16. Love your bedroom and so wish I had that quilt and shams. Forget what anyone thinks, your home is only to please you and your family. Looks like mission accomplished!!!

  17. I love it! Even though I'm more into modern design, but some of the details are just adorable. I also saw some pretty good home improvement ideas on the home expert's website - if you're about to refresh your home a little, check it out.


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