Friday, February 13, 2015

Home Goods Haul

Remember how I told you I went to Home Goods for the very first time ever
back in December?  Well ever since that first visit I have been itching to
get back :-)

So …. last Saturday when we were in Houston I stopped by again,
and this time I found a stack of these four square dishes all in a nice
neat, bundled stack for only $7.99!

I love them!  The fit so perfectly in the dining room niches along with my
blue and white collection.  Not only are they pretty, but so serviceable too.

Don't they look right at home?  There was only one stack and I just knew they
were meant to come to Victoria with me.

Two of them on the bottom shelf of one niche and ….

two in the other niche.  

But wait, there is more.  Let's go look in the linen drawer of the sideboard …

I found a set of four Ralph Lauren dinner napkins.  Here they are tucked
away with some other linens.  They are just waiting to be used in a
future tablescape.

Love the way they compliment my sage check mats.

 There is one more item from my haul ….

This cute little melamine tray for $3.99.  It will be great for serving little
tidbits on the porch.  I can never have enough  serving trays, can you?

That's it for today.  It's probably a good thing that the closest Home Goods is
100 miles away in all directions!  I think David will agree.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. What a gorgeous haul my friend! I specially adore all the blue and white.
    Happy Valentine's to you three.

  2. Woo Hoo! You found some lovely things! Oh, how I love Home Goods. I used to visit one on Grey Street in Houston and one off 45 toward Galveston. I need to go again. All your blue and whites look beautiful in your little hutches. I'm getting more into the blue and white myself.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Isn't Homegoods wonderful? The closest one to us is in Dallas which is about 4-5 hours away. That's a good thing! I am planning a trip down there before too long. Haven't been there in a while.

    Your blue dishes look beautiful!


  4. Your blue and white pieces look beautiful in that niche!!

  5. What a beautiful haul you have. My favorite are the place mats. They sing spring. Your blue and white bowls are pretty and look great with your other blue and white pieces.

  6. Love the little stack of square bowls! So cute and a great price. I love Home Goods and try to limit my visits for obvious reasons!

  7. I only recently discovered that store too. I really love the linens you found as well as the blue and white dishes.

  8. I've never been to Home Goods, but I'm going to find one soon! Love your blue and while collection as well as your Spring linens and cute tray!

  9. So pretty, Susan. I love the little four packs of plates Home Goods sells...I have several sets and just love them for decorating. They also work great as.....plates, lol! Happy Valentine's Day! Jane


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