Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Love Stories

Do you remember your very first love?  I remember mine.
His name was Edward but everyone called him Eddie.  I was
about three or four years old and he was an older man!  

Yes ~ four years older than me ;-)  His sister Barbie was
two years older than me.  I loved to hang out with her because
we both shared the same birthday and always celebrated the day 
together with all of our many neighborhood friends.  

But of course, hanging out with Barbie meant I got to see
Eddie too.  I have been a romantic since I was a little girl and
Eddie was my hero, my knight in shining armor (other than my
Daddy).  If there were any neighborhood skirmishes, Eddie was
always there to defend my honor.  My very first love.

And I was completely smitten!

But then age has a way of catching up with everyone and I was off to 
school and Eddie was getting too old to play Prince Valiant any longer
and my love affairs changed almost daily.  You could say I was a
fickle little flirt.  

By the time I was nine years old the boys were coming to my front door.
I was tickled ~ my Daddy was not.  That's when Daddy decided it was time
for me to take horseback riding lessons.  In his infinite wisdom he knew that
if I was actively involved in a sport I would have less time to flirt with boys.

And it worked ~ I fell in love with horses.  It was all I thought about day and
night.  I was just like Velvet in Enid Bagnold's famous book.

But that didn't stop the boys from coming around and by age twelve I had
my first love letter and a proposal to go steady.  

His name was Dennis.  He wrote me a love letter professing his 
undying love for me.  Inside the letter was a little silver ring with a
small heart dangling from it.  I was instantly on the phone with my
girlfriends.  What would I say to him?  I had a little crush on him too
and I was flattered so we all decided I should say yes.  

The romance was playground news!  We were a couple!!

But what do couples do?  Well, they have to go out on a date.

So it happened ~ my first date was looming on the horizon.
Dennis called me on the phone and asked me out.  Oh no, what
would my answer be?  How would I ever get the courage to
ask my parents if it would be okay???  So I did what any flirty
little pre-teen would do ~ I said maybe.

That wasn't an answer that Dennis was willing to accept so he took
it up a notch and told his mother.  

The next thing I knew his mother was on the phone to mine.  After
some significant pleading on the part of his mom, my Mom said she would 
consider the offer.  Mom talked it over with Daddy and they decided 
the fate of my first date.

It was to be a Saturday afternoon affair.  Dennis' mother would 
take the two of us to the local bowling alley and then afterwards
to the ice cream parlor.  The infamous first date was arranged.

It was winter and there was snow on the ground.  I wore jeans and a 
sweater and my new parka with the fur trim on the hood.  My hair was
in a long pony tail.  No make-up of course, but I was wearing his ring.

We bowled a couple of games.  Somewhere during that time my
crush on this dear young boy was already wearing off.  By the
time we went to the ice cream parlor I knew it was over.

I stopped being in love during my very first date!

Later that evening there was a sleepover at my house.
Several pre-teen girls in their pj's were huddled around the
fireplace in the "rec room" of my house.  While consuming
cokes and pizza the interrogation of the afternoon's events
began ….

What happened on the date?
Did he kiss you?
Is it true love???

"No" I told them.  It was over.  I had fallen out of love.
I was returning his ring.  

Such is the fickle path of young love.  The tender steps we
take to the enduring love of later years.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Cute story! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Bentley!


  2. What a cute story. Funny, my very first love's name was Dennis, too. We were in third grade. He gave me my first "meaningful" Valentine's - had a girl with yellow hair and blue eyes (he said it looked like me,) and it said "I love you" on the back. You know I kept that until about ten years ago, haha. It meant so much to me.

    By the time we got to Junior High I don't ever remember seeing him again - never shared interests or classes, so that is the death of any friendship.

    Happy St. Valentine's Day, Susan. Hope you feel love keenly today. ♥

  3. You little heart breaker, you! :) This was such a cute story and you sound just like my daughter.
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I got such a kick out of this tale. I can't imagine asking my parents if I could go on a date at 12, much less having them arrange it. You are a real go-getter, a brave soul and filled with confidence. Your parents did a very good job raising a daughter.

  5. That was such a cute story. I was waiting to see how it ended, because I thought you might have married him. It was a funny ending though :)

    I hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

  6. Oh, dear me...this brings back sooo many memories and I can remember my first "date" when I was in elementary school as plain as if it was yesterday.....*heavy sigh


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