Monday, January 25, 2016

Blogging From Bed

I  have been fighting a cold off for days.  The cold won.  It's really my
own fault.  I starting feeling the symptoms on Friday.  When David came
home from work on Friday evening, he said "let's go to Houston tomorrow".
Not wanting to miss a fun outing, I said "sure, let's do it".

So we went and I really had a fun time visiting some of our
favorite shops, stopping for a yummy lunch and then picking 
up some supplies from Costco before returning home.

I didn't feel great yesterday, but had to run to our local HEB for
milk and lettuce and stuff.  I came home and got dinner ready 
and was all set for a comfy evening at home watching
Downton Abbey.  Then it hit … sneezing, runny nose, scratchy
throat.  Bummer!  David took over the nightly walk with Bentley
while I put on flannel pi's, grabbed cough drops, tissues, hot
tea and climbed into bed.

Woke up this morning with a raging cold, so I am giving in to it and
staying at home, in bed with old movies, my current read, Facebook
on my iPhone and the January issue of Southern Living.  There is an
article about waking up the bedroom by promoting color and
pattern.  I took a good look around our own bedroom and thought
to myself ~ "I think we have that covered":-)

I am hoping I feel much better by tomorrow because there are lots
of things I am longing to do.  Wish me luck!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. So sorry Susan! I had the same symptoms last week and went to the Med Center and had a sinus infection. Luckily mine only lasted a day or so due to medication,

    Take care,


    1. I have talked to so many folks with sinus infections. Something in the air???

  2. Sending you wishes to feel better real soon!

  3. Knock on wood, I haven't had my first cold of the season, but I know it's coming. LOL. You just can't out run them.

    1. You are correct! I tried to outrun this one, but it caught up with me after all :-(

  4. Oh yuck! My husband has it too - it hit last night. I'm hoping and praying not to get it because I'm hosting a baby shower here Saturday.

    Get well soon girl.

  5. I've had this cold for a week now and it's a really hard one to kick. I am finally starting to feel better but like you have spent lots of time in bed reading, watching tv/movies and drinking tea. Hope you feel better soon. Just rest as much as you can.


  6. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Hope you are feeling better very soon! In the mean time - you seem to have it covered! Book, movie, comfy bed, and while it may not be your normal life - but perhaps you needed some extra time to just REST and get well!!!

  8. So much cold yuckiness going around - so sorry it found you. At least you have a comfy, cozy and colorful bedroom to snuggle up in. I am sure Bentley will take good care of you. Hope you feel better soon. Jane

  9. Awww you poor thing! I felt something coming on last night with a raging headache and inflamed sinuses...I'm hoping I can kill it with mega doses of vitamin c. Feel better!

  10. Feel better! The Forgotten Garden is one of my all-time favorite Kate Morton books:)

  11. Colds are the worse! Hope your feeling better soon. I'll check out the book The Forgotten Garden at the library! Your bed looks cozy and comfy. Snuggle in and feel better soon!

  12. Get well soon girl!!!! You have all the right stuff to keep you entertained! Hopefully hubby is sleeping somewhere else and staying away from your cold! Get better!

  13. Feel better...a cold is no fun!!

  14. Feel better! Good choice in Movies. Just got my Southern Living plus Country Sampler, have a good book and I'm in my PJ's but it's not a cold that I'm suffering from, it's a physical therapy session that did a number on my back. Haven't had a cold or flu in years but this back thing is kicking my behind.

  15. Get well soon Susan!! Rest up and enjoy the books and movies and blogs!!


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