Friday, January 8, 2016

Cocooning Syndrome

I've been experiencing Cocooning Syndrome.  I don't know that medical
science has addressed this issue or not, and don't care if they doubt
it's existence.  For me, this is a very real reaction to a hectic schedule.
It's a need to balance my social butterfly side with my home loving
and private side.  

My "sister" Robin and I have discussed this and we both need our
down time.  We believe that it is somewhat unique to being an
only child.  We love out friends and family and love being 
surrounded by them, but also love being alone.

Being alone is a time to be quiet and listen to my own voice.
I turn off the chatter of others and avoid the need to be 
interesting to others and not to feel that I am on stage.  My
alone time refreshes my spirit.  It renews my soul.  It aids
my creativity.  

So I have spent the past week taking down Christmas decorations
while listening to music I love.  I have carefully wrapped ornaments
and stowed them in marked boxes.  I have been sorting through
decorations I know I won't use next year and marked them for

I have spent some time reading and making a list of all the books
I want to read this year.  I will share this list with you when it
is complete.  

I took down all the Christmas decorations in my miniature rooms
too and have started thinking of how to decorate the dollhouse
rooms for Valentine's Day.  Y'all know how obsessed I have 
been with miniatures for the past few years.  Sometimes I think
that decorating mini rooms is more fun (and certainly less expensive)
than decorating full size ones ;-)

I always enjoy my time in the kitchen, but the last few weeks during
the Christmas season there were lots of meals out and lots of meals
on the run, so I have spent the past week just taking my time and
enjoying the creativity of cooking.

I have enjoyed cuddling with Bentley under a pile of quilts and
watching old movies.  I mean really old movies like the ones
they air on Turner Classic Movies.   Here are some of my

Desk Set ~ love, love, love it!
The Women ~ the original, not the remake!
One day I will write a blog post about the magic
that happened in my life after watching The
Enchanted Cottage for the first time.  It will
amaze you!

  For the past week I have lived
in a bubble of my own making.  It's been great and
now I feel refreshed and renewed and ready to 
take on the year ahead.  Look out world!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Love that flea market sign! I don't have a "social butterfly" side to me. Solitude is my friend. If you would like to center your header, go here...

    1. The minute I put that header up and realized it was not centered, I knew you would have a way to fix it. Thanks Brenda. I'll check it out, although I may need your help ;-)

  2. How lovely Susan it sounds perfect. We all need that after all the festivities.We have been trying to do the same and even taking afternoon naps. Lovely. xx

    1. I wish I could nap, but sadly I am not a napper. Have not ever been a napper, not even in nursery school. Drove my Mom nuts!

  3. I too need my alone time to recharge! When especially busy or stressful times I really just hunker down in my home. I read a lot and watch TV, things that take my mind away from what it has trouble leaving alone! Enjoy it!


    1. So many of us love our homes and find peace there.

  4. I totally understand feeds my spirit...
    The photos of your home are so lovely!

  5. I love the Enchanted cottage one of my favorites. I also watch the Bishop's Wife, The Letter, The Children's Hour, an Affair to Remember and so many more. I love it! I love cocooning and have always needed it too, having been 1 of 10 children their was never any alone time!

    1. I love the Bishop's Wife and the others you mentioned. I envy you having so many brothers and sisters. I know it's fun to be a member of a big family because one of my closest friends in college was one of twelve kids.

  6. Dear Susan . . . we have a great deal in common. I, too, find that I need my "uncomplicated down time" to restore and I am "Cocooning" (first heard this term 20 years ago and I LOVE it) after all the hubbub of the Holidays. I have decided to give many of my Holiday decor to our local Salvation Army and to begin to create miniature Holiday decor in three large "cloches" I have in various rooms of our home. I do believe it will be charming, easier to "change out" with the Holidays, AND (my hubby is really on board with this) it will be less to store away. Wishing you, Bentley and hubby and very Happy, Healthy New Year!!!!

  7. Always love seeing your dollhouse, Susan. I still have to take all the holiday stuff down in both my dollhouse and big house. Tomorrow is The Day. Thanks, too, for the movie recommendations. Going to check and see if Netflix has any of them. Susan

  8. You have a beautiful kitchen Susan & I love that white metal bread box. Also the lovely crock filled with white daisies. My very favorite flower! You do such an interesting blog, both visually & intellectually. Thank you for the movie recommendations. I am excited to find the Enchanted Cottage & several of the others. Have a fantastic new year & keep on blogging.

  9. I think I spent most of last year on Me time! It was something I needed to do and I do relish my Alone times. With Joe retiring in October this year, I am wondering how much Me time I will be able to have. I think it is something that i will definitely need to work on!!Your home looks lovely. We just converted the front of our townhouse over to Winter decorations and now I will start to take down Christmas and work on Winter and Valentine's decor!!


  10. Susan I too am currently afflicted and enjoying every minute! I adore the sweet pink bedroom.Have a fabulous weekend! I am gearing up to start another semester of school on Monday. :)

  11. That sounds like a HEAVENLY week to me!!

  12. Hi Susan! Looks great! I noticed you have a pure butter dish on your kitchen counter! I want one! Where did you get yours? Thanks! Cindy

  13. I could watch The Enchanted Cottage every week and never tire of it. Also recently watched Mr. Blandings Builds his Dreamhouse, and Christmas in Connecticut. One of my other favorites is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. One of the few I can say I love the book just as much as I love the movie ~ the same as Little Women ~ both the (original) movie and the book.
    I know I am an introvert, and I need my alone time to recharge. Especially following the holidays! I love being home. I always have. We are both retired, but my hubs was a teacher, and still subs one or two days a week, which I truly enjoy!! When I retired everyone asked if I wouldn't be bored.... I can't imagine that!! Cocooning in my house seems about perfect!

  14. I understand the need to unwind. Even coming from a family of 7 kids, the need to find a quiet place is shared. Your kitchen is so cozy, makes me want to sit with a cup of tea. Hope you get refreshed.

  15. Susan, as an only child too, I completely understand! I feel the same way often! I look forward to seeing your new posts for 2016. Give Bentley a big g kiss for me.
    Dawn R.

  16. I can relate to your wanting peace and quiet after the holidays, Susan. I love the old movies as well and have enjoyed watching them over and over. Your home always looks lovely. ♥

  17. Hi Susan, I am not an only child, but I do like some peace and quiet and definitely need my "own" time. During the week I have very little little time to cuddle with my pup since I work full-time, but we do spend a lot of down time together on the weekends! Hope you have a great week. Dianne

  18. My gosh, Susan! You have such a beautiful post here. Just gorgeous!!!! I haven't been visiting blogs lately but you changed your header since I was here last and I love it!!! xo Diana

  19. Susan, I have never heard of "The Enchanted Cottage" or "Desk Se"t but you can be assured I'll be watching them soon. Are you, like me, also a fan of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" with Rex Harrison starring as the deceased captain? Love, love that movie! Cocooning is my favorite thing to do!


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