Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Farmhouse Musings

I am still feeling lousy.  It's day three.  I am starting to feel the teeniest,
tiniest bit better but I have so little energy that I think I will head back to
bed.  It's been a restless three days.  I have coughed so hard at times that
I was afraid I might have cracked a rib.  I know that it is not too serious
because I have never developed a fever, and realize that all I can really
do is wait it out a bit longer.  

I took a couple of pictures in my kitchen hoping that photography 
would work some kind of healing magic.  For a couple of moments
it seemed to help, but now that the pics are loaded up on this post
I have come to the realization that finishing this post will be the
most amount of work I will accomplish today.  

Despite being propped up on lots of pillows in bed, I have not been
able to turn my mind off.  I have been reading all sorts of scholarly
articles on the web.  I watched a lengthy YouTube lecture on the 
economic future of China.   Why you ask?   I suppose it's because my
Daddy used to lecture at different universities about emerging Asian
markets, so in some strange way this particular lecture just struck 
a chord with me.  

Then I began to feel that I was having a mini existential crisis when I
started to examine all of the areas of my intellectual life that need a
boost.  I can be very melodramatic at times ;-)

Mini crisis resolved.  I have decided to take some non~credit courses
through MIT Open Courseware to keep my little gray cells from 
shriveling and drying up.  Now that I have that issue resolved,
I have decided to attack the really important issue ~ finding a
contractor to install the farmhouse sink that has been sitting in
my garage for the past two years!

Yes, farmhouse musings are much less traumatic :-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. A farmhouse sink sounds like a fine way to scatter cobwebs in the mind!... and a few course are always a good idea!

  2. Hate to hear you are not feeling up to par. I have been fortunate to not have had a bad cough. It realy hurts when you do have one like yours. Hang in, it will get better.

  3. I have had that cold for over a week and I'm finally getting well. No fever here either but I tired so easily. I know you will get better soon. Sounds like you are making some good decisions.


  4. No fun being sick, but it sounds like you have gotten a few things done. At least in your mind.Hope you feel better and can get some energy up. I'm sure Bentley misses his Momma being 100%.

  5. Oh, Susan. Go get that checked. I had pneumonia last year and not another symptom---no fever--no runny nose--or symptoms of a cold- I just started coughing. I waited too long to go in and it took about 12 weeks to get rid of it- with steroids, etc. Not to scare you-but don't wait too long. Nice to see such a sweet post from you here. Trying to get a few blog visits in tonight while hubby is feeling good. xo Diana

  6. Your pics are so pretty---I think I have those plates. Nevertheless, you need to rest, even when you feel that bit of energy. Use it to make soup or tea---I'm a big believer in that.


  7. I do hope you start feeling better soon! Have you been to the doctor?

  8. Hope you are feeling better ! When you get that farmhouse sink installed, are you going to have your big old stove from Idaho put in as well ? ( Unless you already have ) Also, really like the pretty red plate in the pics !


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