Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Toast and Tea Cures Everything

Yesterday I was feeling poorly.  I was dragging around all day, so
last night I could hardly wait to climb into bed.

This morning I did not feel much better.  I had all the tell tale signs
of coming down with some kind of bug.  I probably picked up 
something during my travels last week.  So I thought I would just
take some aspirin and get cozy and climb back into bed with the
current book on my nightstand.  Bentley wanted to go outside to
double check that our squirrels were staying in line.  While 
waiting for him, I decided to make a cup of tea and then thought
I needed something other than my usual oatmeal and mixed berries.


Not the whole wheat, whole grain, healthy for you kind of toast.
No, feeling too poorly for that ;-)  What I wanted was two slices
of good old Texas Toast with lots of butter!  The kind of toast
that is pure comfort food.  

So I sat down with my tea and my toast and read Susan Branch's
latest blog post about the recent Downton Abbey episode.
After a few minutes something happened.  I noticed some
changes in how I was feeling.  Suddenly the headache and
stuffy nose had disappeared.  The achey feeling was leaving me

It's a miracle!  Toast and tea is a miracle!  I am cured!!
I closed up my laptop and headed to the fridge for some orange
juice.  I chased down a vitamin C tablet with the juice just to
make sure that the recovery lasts :-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. So happy you are feeling better and toast and tea is a miracle cure.

  2. Glad you are better. At my house, toast and a Diet Coke are miracle cures!

    Take care.


    1. You and my hubby ~ huge Diet Coke fans! I like Diet Dr Pepper myself :-)

  3. Here's to toast & tea. Glad you are improving. Deb

  4. I really try to like whole grain or wheat toast, but for me when I need tea and toast it has to be white and with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top :-)

    1. White toast with cinnamon and sugar is the emergency therapy ;-)

  5. When I'm sick tea and toast rock my world!!

  6. So glad it helped! I'm not a real tea person but toast and hot chocolate would be the choice for me. I had some the other day!

  7. Hi Susan! Sp glad that tea and toast made you fell better! Rest up any way and milk it, milk it! ;) Yes, my daddy was in the oil business. I hear things aren't doing too well there now. It was booming during the time we lived there.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Yes oil was booming and now it's a bit rocky, but we Texans are tough survivors!

  8. You sound like my mother - she TOTALLY believed in that miracle, too.

    Hope you continue to feel better, Susan.

  9. Hope you feel better soon. Tea makes everything better!!

    1. Tea is a cure all. It soothes an upset tummy, chases away colds and the flu and cheers one up when feeling blue!

  10. Oh gosh- I wish I had tried that.
    I have been sick for over a week.

    Glad you are better,


    1. Try it now Laura ~ you will be better by morning! Sending you a big hug and healing vibes!!

  11. I completely understand the Miracle of Toast and Tea! My miracle needs the addition of real Scottish marmalade. Works very time!

    1. Scottish marmalade was my Mom's favorite. I forgot about that, but will add some marmalade the next time I make toast!

  12. I completely understand the Miracle of Toast and Tea! My miracle needs the addition of real Scottish marmalade. Works very time!


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