Monday, January 18, 2016

What I Brought Home from Magnolia Market

There were many things I could have purchased at Magnolia Market, 
but since I already have a full house, I limited myself to things that
would add to my current decor and not break the bank.

I purchased three of these tulip buds knowing that they would be
right at home in a cute little pitcher my sister-in-law Cindy gave me
for Christmas.  

Then I found this adorable little sage green picture frame.  It's on my desk in
our bedroom. 

I added an old photo of my granddaddy who was planting a vegetable
garden in his backyard.  Both my grandparents were avid gardeners and 
went so far as to have pint sized garden tools for when the grands came to
visit.  I loved "helping" my granddaddy in the garden.  I idolized him!

I found some flowering branches too.  Come spring I can put them in
a large glass jug.  For now, I put them in my French market basket to
show them off to y'all.

I also found this sweet herb wreath for the door leading to the kitchen 
from the breezeway.  

And this herb wreath will be going out in the potting shed.  I am so excited
about the potting shed project.  David and I spent some time this weekend
deciding what to do.  I really think it will be my most fun project ever.
I can't wait to roll up my sleeves and start working!

And lastly, I purchased this potted sage plant.  It's sitting in a tiny twig
chair next to the back door of the breezeway.  

So that's it for today.  I am so happy to be home once again after
being away all last week.  Thanks for stopping by.  We are always
so happy to see you!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Nice choices, Susan. It will be fun to see how your potting shed comes together!

    1. I have been thinking about the potting shed for a long time. I finally have a plan.

  2. All sweet Susan! It all looks delicate and ready to welcome spring. Love the memories you shared of your beloved grandfather. My favorite was the forsythia branches of course! Have a lovely week.

  3. Lovely things from Magnolia. The tulips are beautiful. Can't wait to see your potting shed project come to life.

  4. Great finds ! Love Fixer Upper ! How fun that you got to visit ! Did you go by their farm?

    1. No, did pass by their farm. Hope to done day though.

  5. I love every thing you bought...Like you, I have no room for "big" things but love pretty wreaths and potted fauxs...they add so much to the looks of a room...
    Daughter and I hope to go to Waco in the's not too far from Possum Kingdom, where she has the lake house so we hope we can make the trip.
    Are you anywhere close to PK ?

  6. Lovely choices. I do the same as well. I look forward to seeing the potting shed. xoxo Su


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