Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Wishes From Susan and Bentley

Happy New Year Everyone!  
I hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday.
We are very lazy today.  I'm in still in my flannel pj's.  Bentley
is curled up napping on the sofa.  David is in his favorite chair
covered by a cozy quilt and channel scanning, stopping
mostly on football. 

It's cold, gray and it is snowing.  The perfect day at home
as far as I am concerned.  I am about to start a pot of chicken soup.
I love to make soup and to enjoy the delightful homey aroma that
fills the house.  So cozy on a winter's day.

I hope that I will finally master granny squares in 2013.
Oh, and I really need to finish the quilt I started many years ago.

I am setting up my very own little studio inside my cottage.  For
years I shared an in home office with David, but since he has a 
new office, I get the room all to myself.  I am happily painting a
vintage child sized hutch that was a Christmas gift.  It will go on
the top of a very large desk in the room that I am skirting with
canvas drop cloths.  I have been bleaching these drop cloths for two 
days now.  It will be wonderful to have my own space to sew and
create and dream.  Can't wait to share my studio with you.

My little cottage celebrates it's 100th birthday this year.
Happy birthday little cottage!

Every year I like to set a goal for myself.  This year I want
focus on living life large.  

Finding time for fun and creativity.  

Enjoying the simple pleasures.

Bentley and I treasure the moments we have spent with you.
We look forward to spending more time with you all in 2013.
We wish you health, happiness and prosperity.  Most of all
we wish you treasured moments to come with family and friends.

Happy New Year!

Big Hugs and Lots of Love,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Happy New Year to you! Love your blog and the lovely photos.

  2. Love the fact you are still in your PJ's! I did at least put on sweat pants and shirt. Love the lazy day with the Mr. Nothing on the adgenda just being together.
    Happy New Year...Greta says to tell Bentley hi!

  3. Happy New Year! How wonderful that your cottage is 100!

    Amy Jo

  4. Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for sharing your life with us!


  5. Thanks Susan for your words of wisdom! I realized I could only be true:)
    I look forward to the favor of the Lord this new year!
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. Susan & Bentley - Happy new year to you too! I love that pink teacup and saucer. You have alot of pink, pretty things.

    Enjoy the cozy day.


  7. Having your own little studio will be a dream come true. Please share pictures!

    Happy 2013!


  8. You will have so many good times in your new studio - great idea! Happy New Year - and I'm looking forward to seeing some photos.

  9. Happy New Year Susan and Bentley! Hope it's the best one ever and I like your idea of living life large! That's going to be my New Year's resolution. Thanks.

  10. Many Happy New Year Wishes to You and Bentley (and David)!!! Hugs!

  11. Happy New Year, Susan and Bentley! Great resolution, and I have to admit I haven't thought much about a resolution yet! :/


  12. A snowy day at home is just perfect in my book Susan! Funny to hear you mention granny squares, I'm hoping to learn to crochet a bit this year. Happy New Year-May it be a cozy one:@)

  13. How nice of you to stop by and wish me happy new year. A new room all of your own! How exciting this is ~ you are going to have lots of fun planning it all out. I love your idea of using drop clothes for a skirt table, I hope you will share the results when you are finished. Please give Bentley a little pat from me.

  14. I can't wait to see your craft room when it's finished. I 've enjoyed your posts last year and am looking forward to the coming year. Happy New Year to you and Bentley!

  15. Very excited you'll have your own creative space, yay! Happy New Year to you and yours! Mary

  16. Sounds like a perfect day to me & a great way to ring in the New Year! Happy New Year to you and the ones you love my friend!

  17. Happy New Year Susan and Bentley. You sound like you had the perfect day. Happy Birthday to your cottage too, that is awesome!

  18. It sounds like the perfect way to spend New Year's day! Happy 2013. I hope your years holds creativity and lots of large living... xo

  19. How wonderful that you are getting your own creative space, Susan! I look forward to seeing how you fix up your new room. Happy New Year!

  20. Susan, I am soooo excited for you to be getting your own studio to create in! I can't wait to see the hutch on the desk, all skirted! Your sketch of Bentley is gorgeous. May you have many happy hours creating in your new studio! I'm moving my studio into the bigger spare bedroom of our little split entry this year, and I can't wait for that! Happy New Year!!!

    Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  21. Susan ~ I can hardly wait to see your little studio. I am so looking forward to it. It is snowing here and I made steak soup, left over t-bones from New Years Eve. So far it smells yummy ;-) I spent the day yesterday in my Flannel PJ's too. We think so much alike ~ Have a wonderful day

  22. Happy New Year Susan & Bentley! I am focused more on enjoying the everyday too, thank you for sharing your lovely photos and words :)

    Would love for you to join the twelveOeight Pretty Things party:

    xo, Tanya

  23. It sounds like you had a perfect day. You have several projects going on and I'm really excited to see pictures of your studio.

  24. I've enjoyed the moments I've shared with you and Bentley. Love your sketches of him, and I can't wait to see your new studio. It sounds like it's going to be wonderful. Happy New Year! lauri

  25. Happy New Year Susan and Bentley and happy birthday to your cottage.

  26. Happy New Year! Many blessing to you. Looking forward to seeing your new creative space. How wonderful it will be.



  27. Happy New Year, Susan!

    Your tea set in the very first photo is ADORABLE!!! Love the dainty floral pattern and the soft pastel colours. Simply a soothing palette here, in today's post; divine!

    Poppy xo

  28. Happy new year to you and sweet little Bentley. Having your own studiob will be just the best. Bentley will love it too. My "assistants" just love to come in and find their spot and always on their best behaviour.


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