Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why Bloggers Need Paracord Survival Bracelets

The paracord survival bracelet.  Very hot, very trendy and worn by 
hikers, skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers and all outdoorsy types.

My husband David loves to make these.  It is his crafting past time.
He's not a crafty type of guy, but he is a "jock".  He has told me about
all of the practical outdoor uses for this bracelet.  

Now, I don't envision having to make a tourniquet.  Hopefully I will not
be hanging food up in a tree away from bears any time soon.  And I am not 
planning on building a temporary shelter tying twigs together in the near
future.  But ...

I could imagine wearing one of these when out "junking"
to tie down garage sale or thrift shop finds in the back of a
vintage pick-up truck like this one ...

I would love to be driving this baby!

But it's amazing how much stuff I can cram into the back of my Jeep, so I
could use the paracord to tie it down.

Or I could use the paracord to hang up a vintage quilt.

Or to hang a hammock between two trees.

Or ...

to wear them just because they are cute!
There you are David ~ the reasons why bloggers need 
paracord survival bracelets.

I am happily joining ~

Bentley is having lots of fun romping through the snow drifts
after our big snowfall yesterday.  He's part Yorkie, part snow bunny!

Susan and Bentley


  1. How funny. My husband wears three of them, two of which he made.

  2. Oh! Wish you'd done this blog before Christmas! Thanks for the info...going to surf for supplies, instructions, etc.

  3. Quilts and junking yes. Hiking not so much:}

  4. Oh, yes, I do so think we need these!

  5. Brilliant! I'll have to show this to The Great Dane.

  6. Thanks, Susan...for the practical and helpful idea. I have seen people wearing them where I live and now I'm going to have to make one.
    Have a great week....Happy Rednesday!
    Carolynn xxx

  7. silly me - - - they would NOT help me survive because in order to USE them you'd have to take them apart, and I wouldn't WANT to take my bracelet apart.

  8. hi, these are great, if you made them bigger they would make good dog collars, must source some paracord ...would like to try knitting with some, ali

  9. If you think hard enough that something will work, it most likely will. Regardless, he is keeping his mind and hands busy.

  10. I'd definitely be wearing them because they are cute! Kinda preppy!! LOL!!!

  11. I have never seen these....but I can see how they would be great for all kinds of things.
    Where do you get them??

  12. What fun! How about one for Bentley's paw - tho if he is like my sweet granddog, he might chew it up too fast, so maybe not :) Have a lovely week.

  13. They do seem to be very hand little things. I've never heard of them before. They are cute especially the yellow and green one!

  14. Well is your Sweetie SELLING them???? I would buy for my son in law, son , Sweetie etc. Every Prepper should have lots of them :))

    1. Yes, he is. I will be setting up an etsy site soon and will offer some there.

  15. I'm showing this to my outdoor loving son! These are pretty neat really!. And don't forget you can also use it as a scrunchy (sorta looks like that to me!)

  16. What a cool bracelet, so many uses! I'm all in, can't wait!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. They are very cute! I love the bright colors...it's what we wear here in Florida! Great job!

  18. Very beautiful and colorful Paracord bracelets.
    great color combination of Paracord are here.


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