Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vintage Enamel Coffee Pots

I am always falling in love with vintage household items and the
next thing I know is that they start finding their way into our cottage.
Vintage enamel coffee pots are my newest favorite collectables.
Love this red and white one.  Not very expensive at all because the
insides are missing.  Not a problem for me.

I had to take that last pic with a flash because it's so dark in the
house.  It's been snowing since the wee hours of the morning,
so I took this black and white enamel pot outside to take this pic. 
Look at all that snow!!

But I must say that this black and white enamel pot looks much more
warm and welcoming up on the porch next to a cup of hot chocolate!

I am happily joining ~

Bentley had a reprieve from a shampoo and haircut today because
our mobile groomer did not want to venture out in this weather.
I don't blame her and Bentley could not be happier!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, a cup of hot chocolate sounds good. We bought a new Nespreso for Christmas and have started steaming hot milk in it for a late afternoon winter treat. ;-)

  2. Love vintage enamelware ~ I have red and white just like yours and I have a black and white like yours. Sorry I am having trouble typing this as little Chico is tring to type too ~ he's a handful at 9 weeks old and just 1.6 pounds ~ come visit and see ;-)

  3. Love enamelware too. That hot choccccolate and whipped cream looks yummy. My Yorkie wishes she could avoid the vet tomorrow but it will happen. Our snow is melting and rain on its way. Much rather have the snow. Have a nice week-end.

  4. Lovely photos ! I see a lot of these vintage tea pots in the antique shops we go to . Soon we have to get Miggs in for a spa day but whilst the weather is still on and off here she can stay shaggy as she loves to be out in the cold during the day lol ! Yes That hot chocolate looks divine ! It has been mild here and we are to have rain during the night and all day Friday all the snow would be gone I can already see lots of green grass then they said we are to get snow again next week . Have a good evening !

  5. Hi Susan, Hope you had that cup of hot chocolate! So happy for Bently:)
    I love the red and white enamel too. I collect it for my outside gardens.
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. Cute post. I love those old coffee pots. They are so charming. I bet Bentley is doing a happy dance. Come over and join my giveaway this week.

    That cup of hot chocolate looks yummy. Perfect for a cold, snowy day!


  7. Id love some of that hot chocolate, just the thing for keeping the chill at bay. No snow here as yet, ali

  8. I like enamel too,it's so cottagey. I'm sweltering here in our Summer heat. It's nice to here of snow. :)

  9. I love the enamel coffee pots! My favorite vignette is with the plaid. I love tartan! They are all great! Love the little icicles on the bench! Boy, that's cold.

  10. I love the pic with that beautiful cup of hot chocolate! YUM! Brrrrrr to the snow!!

  11. Good Morning Sue,
    I have never come across this style of enamel coffee pot. I love the photograph which you took outside in the snow....sorry if you got cold with all that snow. Bentley will be a happy little dog today as he does not have to have a "wash and blowdry". Chloe, a King Charles Spaniel who was the light of our lives for many years before she passed, hated being washed and groomed. She would know it was going to happen and she would hide so we could not find her and yet she loved being fussed and stroked, but grooming was a whole other story.
    Have a lovely day, Best Wishes Daphne

  12. Oh I love the red and white one. I picked up 2 in perfect shape at an auction for $7. Both are black and white, one smaller. I used them for vases and of course one sits on the stove.

  13. Enamelware is one of my favorites. Love your coffee pots :)

  14. I think I need one!!! I love the photo in the snow.Dottie

  15. Maybe I should call the mobile pet groomer to come cut my 14 year old's hair. Ha! He hasn't been groomed since June of 2012 and refuses to go to just anyone (our friend and hairdresser moved back to New Mexico) :(

    I've bought several enamel trays, teapots and bowls here at the Friday Market (an open air flea market). And a while back, my husband came home with a teapot off the street that is plastic but looks enamel.

    That last image is very cozy! Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  16. oh I love those pots! And the snow pic is great! :)

  17. Some of my favorite things are old kitchenware and appliances. They work just as well, the food tastes just as good ~ and they're a calming reminder of simpler days.

  18. I have a few pieces of enamel ware and use the bowls for popcorn. Such a pretty coffee pot.

  19. I LOVE those little enamel pots...I must start watching for them...they are precious.
    Now, I would stay and visit awhile but....for some reason....I have a HUGE desire for a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on off to the kitchen I go. :))

  20. I love the enamel coffee pots, Susan. They add such charm to your home. You are making me crave a cup of hot chocolate but it's too early in the day for one!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  21. Even though it has warmed up here and the snow has melted, you have me wanting a mug of hot chocolate! I'm a big fan of enamelware and coffee pots are the homiest ones of all.

  22. Very cool! I love those old coffee pots with the glass top where you could see the coffee percolate! I remember the one my Grandparents had.

  23. I love enamelware.
    That red n white coffee pot would live happily in my kitchen :-)

    Thank you for sharing,


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