Sunday, October 28, 2012

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup That's Not Low Cal

Here I am in the kitchen making soup again.  I am beginning to
think that I love to make soups better than anything else.  A friend gave
me some leeks from his garden.  Hmmm ~ what to do with them?

I have some crimini mushrooms.  How about a pot of Creamy Wild 
Mushroom Soup?  I am using Ina Garten's recipe.  

It gives me an excuse to use my cream soup cups.  By the way, I did not have any
white wine in the house, so I substituted sherry in the recipe.  Which also
made me think that a wee bit of sherry might be good to sip along with the 
soup.  It is!

These are such sweet cups.  They are Royal Worcester's Roanoke pattern.

David is eating left over pizza (his favorite) while watching football. 
I am enjoying my soup and my sherry and feeling like a princess.
I'm not too worried about the calories.  I'll just do some extra cardio 
tomorrow.  Ah, the joys of home!

Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup
I took the lazy way out and gave you the link to this recipe.
That way you can print it out if you like.

I am joining ~
On The Menu Monday

Bentley ~ run out really quick between the raindrops.  No worries
about the squirrels.  They seem to be snug and cozy in their nests.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan,

    Your dinner tray looks so pretty. I LOVE those soup cups; they're precious. Also love your lace doilie and the pretty embroidered napkin.

    I'm with you -- I love to make soup, and my hubby and I love to eat it. Creamy soups are definitely my favorite, unfortunately for my waistline. :)

    Thanks for the recipe link and have a wonderful week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. In my hometown of New Orleans, we are famous for using sherry in soup - like Turtle Soup, and crab soup. It makes the soup more wonderful! Thanks for the recipe!


  3. I love your soup cups--beautiful! And I adore cream of mushroom soup--it was one of my favorites growing up.

  4. This beautiful dinner tray is definitely fit for a princess........Sarah

  5. Okay, first off, I have spied a glimpse of a curtain in the first pic. Guess what, same curtains in my kitchen. I am always amazed! Second, the cups are beautiful and the soup looks yummy!
    Bentley, are you amazed that Momma and I have so many of the same things???

  6. Looks so good and it's served up so pretty in those cups.

  7. Oh this looks so delicious! Thank kyou so much for sharing a fabulous recipe :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  8. I love the disclaimer in your title. Right off the bat it's not lo-cal. That means it must be delicious. Love your cups. What a wonderful cozy treat.


  9. Beautiful soup cups and the soup looks divine. I could sit right down with you an enjoy a cup.

  10. This looks so delicious. I love mushroom soup. Thanks for stopping by, so nice to meet you.

  11. I think I'm going to HAVE to try that mushroom soup! And I have to say, your tuna with lemon zest sounds fantastic, too!! I always add celery and onion to mine, but the leomon sounds like a great addition! Thanks for the inspiration... Donna


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