Saturday, October 20, 2012

Little Farmer's Market Just Around the Corner

Since last May we have been so fortunate to have an open air fresh produce market
just four blocks away.  Now I will admit that I am a bit spoiled because I
already have a wonderful organic co-op eight blocks away and a Saturday farmer's
market just one mile away.  However, this girl just loves to support local
farmers while I'm getting my share of vitamins and minerals from fresh
and local produce!

And Bentley loves fresh produce too ~ especially carrots and apples.
But sadly, harvest is upon us and the market will go away until next May.
The last day will be October 31st when they will host a customer appreciation
day.  Let's face it, we North Enders are always looking for an 
excuse to party!

But it's been fun.  I could stop by and visit my favorite antique shops.
Chat with my friends, and pick up veggies, fruit, my favorite milk in a bottle,
eggs and flowers too.

There is something so satisfying about buying from a small local
vendor.  Sorry Costco, I love you too but you are not quite so charming.

I will have to check out the pumpkin carving contest next weekend.
Looks like it has blog posting potential!

While I am sad to see the season end, the good news is that they
will be back next May!

Have a glorious fall weekend everyone and be sure to stop
by and visit


Bentley and I stopped by to visit his grandma today.  He knows when we
are getting close to her house and he whimpers like a baby!

Susan and Bentley


  1. I'm ready to move into a neighborhood like yours!


  2. Nothing like a small farmer's market. We have several here in Austin. A great way to shop!

  3. We also have farmers markets here in the towns around us . They are buzzing every weekend with customers it's great ! I will miss them as well but am also glad they will be back in the spring ! Lovely photos ! Oh that pumpkin carving contest sounds fun ! Have a good day !

  4. I love farmers' markets. We have one or two that stay open til the weekend before Thanksgiving, weather permitting. I always feel a little sad when they go.....and yes, Costco is great for most things, but nothing beats a fresh market! xo

  5. It is so great you have a market that close :-)

  6. Oh, I will miss the Farmer's market here as well. The local one just closed up this last week, and it kinda makes me a little sad when it happens. But that means Winter crafting season for me!

  7. Thanks for sharing your farmers market with us - enjoyed the tour. You are fortunate to have them so close.
    I always enjoy a trip to the farmers market, but have to admit I have not gone as much this season.
    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  8. Hello Susan, Thank you for stopping by today. Also for my birthday wishes. It was a great day and our Gator football team won their game today. Good times.

    Lucky you to have so many sources to buy great fruit and produce. We have a farmer's market in town but it is 16 miles from home.

    Happy Pink Sat. to you and Bentley.
    Love, Jeanne

  9. My Grandpuppies get excited when they are near our home too:) Your farmers market looks great--I always love a good Farmers market :). We went to a pet costume contest at Petsmart today--Bentley could have given us a run for our money:)

  10. How lucky you are to have those great markets close to home! Sounds like a fun day and I'll bet the pumpkin carving contest is a blast next week:@)

  11. Susan ~ Love, Love, Love farmer's markets and I feel so good when I buy local produce to support our local farmers. We are also lucky to have road side stands everywhere out in the country where you can buy direct from the farm. Ofcourse, we always have fresh eggs from our girls.
    The pumpkin carving contest sounds like such fun. I am sure there will be interesting carvings to be seen. Have a great time.

    Happy Pink Sunday ~


  12. Susan, I smiled when I read "milk in a glass bottle"! I remember the days when milk was delivered to your door. Goodness!!! I love Farmer's Markets, too and have a small one not to far from me. Just like yours, it is filled with wonderful veggies and wonderful color!!! Hugs to you and Bentley.

  13. You are so lucky to have 3 places to go for fresh fruit and veggies! Love it!


  14. Your neighborhood looks lovely!

    - The Tablescaper

  15. I love going to Farmer's Markets. The pumpkins are so bright with their brilliant orange color. Bet you had a great day.

  16. markets like that are the best

    Milk in a real bottle as in a glass one ?


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