Monday, October 22, 2012

Make Your Dreams Your Reality

A couple of bloggers who visited my last post thought that boot camp
might be scary.  Scary???  No way ~ this is going to be fun!
And just to get you up and dancing, listen to some toe tapping 
music to get you motivated and happy ...

Just as gardeners pull weeds from their garden, librarians weed the stacks
of old books.  The criteria for weeding books are:

Physical Condition

My husband has a question that he always asks his employees when they
have made a poor choice.  He asks them ~

"How is that working out for you?"

So I am going to ask you the same question about your thoughts and
your actions.  How are they working out for you?  Are they good, positive
thoughts that help you fulfill your goals, or do some of your thoughts
need to be weeded out?  Run through the list that a librarian uses.

If something is not working for you ~ toss it out!
If you want to achieve your goal you must believe you can.

Don't be negative!  Instead of saying no, say
YES!  Turn your dreams into reality.  So take a moment
or two and decide on your goal.  And remember, you need
to have a good attitude and you need to focus on your goal.
Your mantra needs to be
"I can do it"

The decision is yours.  Do you want to be glamorous for the
upcoming holidays?

Do you want to lose weight?
Okay ~ I promise, no bile beans.  What are bile beans anyway?

Whatever your goal is ~ I want to help you achieve it!  I am
ready and happy to be your personal champion.  Your very
own cheerleader.

Since weight loss is such a common goal, that's the first
one I will tackle.  So stay positive and stay tuned.  This will be
fun ~ I promise!

Bentley ~ are you thinking positive thoughts?  Do you need a 
cheery song to reinforce those positive thoughts?  You do?
Okay here you are .... music again please

Susan and Bentley


  1. I'm in! I am thinking the Bile bean MUST help you rid yourself of all that unpleasant gas, lol!
    Bentley, are you in?!

  2. I'm looking forward to every step and you betcha I'm in all the way~!
    Hey Bentley, don't eat the bile beans, they sound yucky ;-)

  3. I think I need to write that down and put it where I can see it often "How is that working out for you". I have had so many adjustments, HARD ONES, to make over the last 3 years, that I need to sit down and really it is working out for me.
    I need to move my thoughts and energies into Positive things I know. It has been very very hard to get rid of some of the "guilt" (long story) and move past it.
    Move towards those things that make you "whole"...I do know that. Just hard to do sometimes.

  4. I am a great believer in positive thinking and manifesting what you want in your life. Bile beans sound really icky!!!


    1. Isn't that funny? The first dog groomer I had was always handing our copies of her recipe for a gall bladder flush.

  5. Staying stuck is ultimately the harder choice. If you have had some tough choices to make over the past 3 years, do you want to fast forward to 3 years later and still be where you are now? I know you don't. I have had some tough choices to make in life and in my experience, deciding what needed to be changed and then taking that first step toward change was much easier than I would have thought. Email me and we can work it out together. Sharing the burden lessens the load.


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