Thursday, October 11, 2012

Go Outside and Play

"Go outside and play"!  How many times did you hear your Mom
tell you to do that?  I actually don't remember my Mom telling me that
very often.  I usually heard "Susan it's time to come home"! 

So, in my effort to chill out, Bentley and I have spent the afternoon
playing.  And we took it outside because it was the most 
beautiful fall afternoon and who wants to be inside on a day
like today?  We sure don't!

Don't you love these warm fall colors?  It's like nature telling
us to cozy up.

At some point we will need to come in and start dinner.
How about some squash?  Maybe I'll make some butternut squash
soup this weekend.  Yum!  I'll share the recipe.

Joining ~

Bentley ~ your Momma saw the cutest little puppy today.  She is only
8 weeks old.  She is half Yorkie and half Pomeranian and her name
is Abbie.  She's a sweetheart that's for sure!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Pretty pictures! I love getting outdoors on fall days and I spent some time today doing just that! Is that the Dollar Tree crow? They are flying out the doors (no pun intended!).

    So...are you going to get Bentley a new friend?


  2. I love butternut squash. Butternut Squash enchilidas are my favorite! Pretty pictures:)

  3. Looks great Susan.. we love squash here too..

    sounds like Bentley might be getting a new friend..

    cant wait to see pics.

  4. Same here , my mum would have to drag me in sometimes . When I was a kid I was outside from sun up to sun down . I grew up on a hobbie farm so lots to do and explore ! I can still be like that on a nice day enjoying playing with our Miggy, going for walks and taking photos ! Oh butternut squash soup? sounds YUMMY ! Glad your taking it easy and enjoying things more now ! Awesome photos! Have a great day !

  5. Hmmm, not a good day for a walk or day outside here. Snowy and windy.
    But I do love me some fall squash.

  6. Uh oh is Bentley going to get a little sister? We had a blustery day here with a little rain. It was divine. Enjoy your weekend!!

  7. It was beautiful in Massachusetts today too! I go out for recess every day! LOL, the life of a teacher!! Your soup sounds yummy! So, will Bentley be getting a sister?

  8. Your photos are lovely, as always! Thanks for the great idea. I think I'll make some homemade vegetable soup - and cornbread. I'm a southern belle, for goodness sakes.


  9. Hi is your pup a Yorkie? I have. Yorkie named Kramer....they are the BEST!!!!!i I would like to invite you to my Welcome Home Wednesday linky party at thanks Debbie


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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