Sunday, October 21, 2012

What You Don't Know About Me

When I was young, I wanted to be That Girl.

I really wasn't very interested in getting married and never poured over
Bride's Magazine until after I was engaged and everyone was prompting me
to make some choices.

No ~ I wanted to head to New York, an even bigger city than my hometown
of Chicago.  I was not too interested in being an actress, although there were times
when I dreamed of being a dancer in a Broadway Show.

I wanted to be an artist and live in Greenwich Village.  I had big dreams.

I wanted to be hip and cool and independent while wearing very cute clothes
of course!

And my interior design style would have been much more like this!

So fast forward ...

I did get to NYC and I attended the New York School of Interior Design.

 And one day I met my own Donald Hollinger.  And like Ann Marie, I became
engaged, but unlike her ...

I did get married.  I moved into a charming 99 year old cottage in
Idaho and am living happily ever after.

But for a while, in my heart, I was That Girl!

Bentley ~ did momma ever tell you that story?  She did!
Well, would you like to hear it again???  
Whoops ~ Bentley just slid out the door to chase a cat. I 
suppose that hearing that story once was enough for him.

Susan and Bentley

PS:  This post was prompted by a day watching a 
That Girl marathon.


  1. I loved That Girl, and wanted to be just like Miss Marie! (Ithink that was her last name, was her first name Ann??) Living in NYC I felt I had a good shot. I guess I was a little like her, independent working girl enjoying life as it came at me......the good old days! xo

  2. What a cute post! It's nice to get to know you a little more! I'm sure Bentley would love to hear his momma's story again!

    Mary & Dukeums!

    1. Oh, I LOVED "That Girl" too! I especially LOVED her apartment!!!

      How funny is this, on Debbie Do's you posted after me, so I pinned your post on Pinterest!

  3. Susan ~ you are making me belly laugh right now. I loved That Girl and used to make a point of watching it all the time. But I wanted to be "Bewitched". I wanted to change my name to Samantha. What is really funny is now I am married to Mr. Vintage. He takes care of all of the neighbours (we have quite a few that are getting on in years). He is always looking out of the windows to see if they are alright and if they need help. I call him Gladys Kravitz. Remember her? In fact, the neighbours now call him Gladys, because nothing happens in the neighbourhood without Mr. Vintage knowing. I guess I did get part of my dream of being Samantha ~ only I married Gladys ;-)

  4. Omg. I LOVED That Girl and never missed an episode!

    Yes, Bewitched too, and the Carol Burnett show on Saturday nights
    when my parents when out for dinner.

    Love those old wholesome shows..... Tim Conway just killed me.
    I think he was the funniest man that ever lived.


    Great pics!
    Memory Lane for me.

  5. You will forever be THAT GIRL from now on for me:}

  6. Very cute post! It's always nice to dream.I used to watch "That Girl" She is so pretty!...Christine

  7. What a cute post! I use to love watching "That Girl". I have not seen it on any of our channels recently. I have been to Idaho, it is a pretty state. Have a great week ahead.

  8. That Girl was an icon to every teenage girl I knew; we all loved her and wanted to be just like her! I was crazy about Don Hollinger too...the perfect fiance in my teenaged mind! But I never forgave them for depriving us of a wedding!! They had her preparing for her wedding, planning it, the whole nine yards....but then nothing!! Unfair, Marlo, Unfair!!

  9. Oh this is fabulous, you my friend are an excellent writer :) Thank you so much for visiting today, your latest reader

    xoxo, Tanya

  10. What a cute story!! I will always think of you when I see or hear of Marlo Thomas or "That Girl".


  11. You found some really great pics to help tell your story! And you've led such an interesting life! It's so I told a blog buddy how I met my hubby. It's fun when we get to know each other even better! Sweet hugs to 'that girl'!

  12. I love the post That Girl marathon, post! lol. I am hoping as I type you are finally getting some sleep and dreaming of "your Donald Hollinger." :)
    Bentley, don't snore, so Momma can get some good rest!

  13. Bentley just ran after that cat because he was afraid Mommy wants to go to New York! He is happy where he is and glad you made the choices you did. I wanted to be like Mary when I was young!

  14. :D This post has made me smile....Thanks for sharing your story with us....You should host a fun linky where everyone writes a story about themselves and links-up. You could provide the writing prompt! Bentley could help you think of something fun :D

    1. I can always depend upon you for your sharp mind! I love this idea!! You will not be surprised to know that Bentley thinks it is brilliant.

  15. I can only just remember That Girl, but I know I wanted to be her too! Lovely post, blast from the past.

  16. I think all girls of a certain age wanted to be "That Girl." Along with Mary Tyler Moore these two women were some of my most inspiring role models. Love the show. Love your thoughts. xxoo

  17. I used to watch That Girl with my mom. Wish I would have known that there was a That Girl Marathon on. There were several inspiring role models for teenage girls on TV back then. Off hand, I can't think of any that are on now. Isn't it fun to see how innocent everything was. Did she ever "spend the night" with Donald before they were I mean before the show ended? I can't remember.

  18. I watched That Girl too. But, I was born in the wrong time...I wanted to be Laura Petry from Dick Van Dyke show. Funny, I am kinda like Laura Petry, lol! Thanks for such a cute post:)


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